1991 Holiday Card

United Brotherhood of Reindeer Sanitizers

When it Glows in the Snow, Call the Pros!

(this years's message is from "Scoop" Phaull,
New Jersey Local President and this year's Do-Do Spokesperson.)

We da workus uh da U.B.O.R.S. gives ya Holiday Greetunz
and Da Seasonal Warning! You'z knowz dat dem reindeerz makes
a little "mistake" from time to time., N uz guyz has'a make
it good by youz civilianz.. By cleaning up after themz guyz.

Please don'tz youz tryz to do'z diz youz-selvez.
(Reindeerz' Do-DO iz Dangerous!)
Az we'z sez, "If it Glows in da Snowz Call Themz Pro'z"

Now we knowz some statez like dat Arizona'z a
"Right to Scoop State", but az you can see we got an Arizona Crew,
Deez Guyz do almost as gooda job as us guyz in

In Da off season Stephen'z a Photo and Ad Guy - Dat Margaret'z
a student; theyz been a team for almost 18 yearz.

Diz Holliday Safty First!
Scoop Phaull /local245NJ

U.B.O.R.S. safty equipment courtesy of Veritas Inc. Holiday Safety Since the year 1 A.D.




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