1999 Holiday "Free Gift"
Free Gift to all Client's, Freinds and Family. You pay just $14.95 Shipping and handling per bottle, or a free case of 12 bottles for just $189.99 shipping and handling! A Profitable Holiday to All from CutterAdv.com , now CutterWorks.com In the capitalist spirit of the Season. We have ripped-off a wonderful bar-b-que product. (Haywood's Original Blue Flame Bar-B-Que Sauce) and presented it to you as our own. As Advertising Weasels, we just do not care that this spicy work of art is produced in small batches by a hard working man from right here in Phoenix. It is lost on us that Floyd takes great pride in his Bar-B-Que Sauces and Meats; we are just so happy that we can make this sharp label and take credit for one more thing before the end of the millennium.
God Bless advertising.

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